Market Case
WeChat Maker Program
Multiple-party Partnership between WeChat, KFC, and BANDAI NAMCO
I WeChat You - Create in the moment, Create value with joy
Explore New Creations of Museum Cultural Relics
WeChat Developer Challenge was officially launched in Singapore
WeChat Moment on the World's Tallest Building
WeChat Signs Up Four New Top Golfers to Enhance Global Exposure
The 3rd Anniversary for WeChat Work, LET US LINK!
Fantastic Smart Journey - WeChat Pay×China Southern Airlines×DTCM
WeChat was unveiled at TechCrunch International Innovation Summit
DFS mini program e-commerce provides easy purchase of duty-free goods abroad
LongChamp launched the first luxury brand e-commerce mini program
Limited "WeChat red envelope" of LEGO blocks launched in the first place by the official mini program of LEGO
WeChat joined hands with Marvel Comics to create WeHeros artworks
WeChat Work helps elites from 62 top business schools conquer Gobi
The first WeGeek Competition had an wonderful ending and the king of development was born!
WeChat and China’s Ministry of Education jointly released an industry-academy cooperation projects to support the development of mini applications in colleges and universities
China Collegiate WeChat Application Education Alliance was set up to cultivate of new developers ecology of mini programs
2018 China Collegiate Computing Contest —— WeChat Mini Program Application Development Contest
WeChat devotes itself to constructing WeChat mini program developer ecology
Open platform
Provide enterprise and organization with more powerful business service and user management capability to help enterprises realize brand-new official account service platform quickly.
WeChat Pay
It advocates for wisdom life and offers mobile payment ability and convenient and simple mobile payment experience for individual and organization.
WeChat game
Playing a little game is the real deal.
Enterprise WeChat
It provides professional communication tools and rich and free office applications for the enterprises, and supports the capabilities for communicating with the information of the WeChat, connecting the Mini programs and enterprises pay etc., and assists the enterprise for efficient working and managing.

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