The 3rd Anniversary for WeChat Work, LET US LINK!

In three years, WeChat Work has gradually grown from an enterprise communication tool, to an office software, and finally to a dedicated connector used in enterprises, assisting enterprises to realize digital upgrade under the mobile Internet wave. On the occasion of the three-year anniversary, WeChat Work, on the theme of "LET US LINK", issued the "Smart Internet Trio", the "Digital Work Mode" and the "Digital Business Mode", and called for connections between different role employees, all enterprises and consumers.

 "Smart Internet Trio"

Through connections within the enterprise, with the industry and the consumer market, each employee in the administration, HR, finance, sales, procurement, IT and the other departments can benefit from the "Smart Internet Trio", for it reduces the communication costs, streamlines the business process, improves the service quality and realizes the resource flow, creating a "Digital Work Mode" for each employee to improve productivity.

"Digital Work Mode" 

At the same time, within the last three years, WeChat Work has joined hands with many business partners in continuously plowing in various industries, and has jointly created the "Digital Business Model" in links of people, wealth, business, material, supply, production, storage and sales, and has accelerated the overall digital development process of the industry, helping more enterprises to "reduce costs and increase efficiency".

We salute every enterprise digital innovator, because behind every seemingly simple adjustment is the reflection of the old model and the old thinking, and every adjustment may become the new normal of the industry in the future.WeChat Work hopes to connect more innovative inspiration for enterprises through continuous opening up and engaging more partners participate in the ranks of enterprise digital innovation, and also hopes that through continuous in-depth connection, new instructive applications and models will be further promoted and popularized to the industry, so as to promote the digital transformation of various industries more stably, faster and better forward, and for industries to jointly create the future of the business world.

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