Limited "WeChat red envelope" of LEGO blocks launched in the first place by the official mini program of LEGO

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, WeChat and LEGO worked together to launch the "WeChat red envelope" Lego blocks with only 500 pieces in the world. At the same time, LEGO’s official MINI program was also officially launched on WeChat, which provided numerous Lego fans with an excellent channel to learn product information and buy LEGO’s products.

Unlike other online shopping platforms, the products presented in LEGO’s official mini program "LEGO" are all carefully selected. This program is equivalent to a high-end shop of LEGO, saving many difficulties in selection.

Here, there are not only LEGO gift cards, but also LEGO toys that can be given directly to friends on WeChat. There are also limited LEGO products for early bird sale. (click "limited product reservation" on the homepage of the mini program to check the LEGO blocks under limited reservation at present. )