WeChat joined hands with Marvel Comics to create WeHeros artworks

On the 10th anniversary of Marvel Comics, WeChat joined hands with Marvel Comics to invite six groups of Chinese craftsmen from different fields to integrate Marvel Comics's heroic elements to create WeHeros artworks and conduct online exhibitions through WeChat mini program. At the same time, with the assistance of WeChat mini program, WeChat voice and WeChat social relations, the new mode of exhibition viewing with voice guidance has been created to realize better connection, exchange and communication of Chinese culture and western culture on WeChat platform.

The project will connect the most topical hero IP in 2018 with Chinese traditional handicraft culture on WeChat platform, in which way the user can chase the western hero and can also pay attention to the Chinese traditional culture. 【WeHeroes】Mini Program initiates the UGC voice guide mode, and changes the way that the previous exhibition guide voice is provided by the official recording, so that each user can become the presenter of art.