Fantastic Smart Journey - WeChat Pay×China Southern Airlines×DTCM

WeChat Pay teamed up with China Southern Airlines and Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)  to create the world's first 奇妙智旅 (Fantastic Smart Journey). This project aims to export overseas the smart solutions of WeChat Pay, from the air to the ground to open up travel, shopping, catering, entertainment, and other fields to create a convenient, wonderful and intelligent travel consumer experience, helping the global tourism city to create a "SMART" business card.

Fantastic Smart Journey aims to export the smart ability and enhance the influence of WeChat Pay overseas.

As a main part of Fantastic Smart Journey, WeChat Pay works with China Sounthern Airlines to explore the possibility of inflight consumption scene.

Based on WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Pay and Inflight WIFI, the world's first smart flight has been launched, which set the benchmark of the inflight consumption scene among airlines. 奇妙智旅 (Fantastic Smart Journey) Mini Program - the platform of the innovative experience, enables inflight meal ordering, inflight purchases, coupons collection, and inflight pick-up ordering.

After the smart flight, the cooperation with WeChat Pay and Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) will make smart 「Trip in Dubai」possible.

Taking the high-frequency scene of outbound tourists as an entry point, the focus is on the three major scenes of shopping, catering, and entertainment in Dubai. Dubai is an innovative high-tech city, and it has been committed to creating a city card of 「Smart Dubai」in recent years. The cooperation between WeChat Pay and DTCM is an initiative to lead Chinese to bring mobile payment to the world, as well as a model that mobile payment helps the construction of overseas smart cities.