WeChat Work helps elites from 62 top business schools conquer Gobi

The Xuanzang Road Business School Gobi Challenge, which began in 2005, is one of the most influential business school elite communication platforms in China as an experiential cultural event organizing EMBA and MBA students from well-known Chinese business schools in the world walking on the Gobi Beach. From April 30 to May 4 this year, the 14th Xuanzang Road Business School Gobi Challenge (Ge XIV) has been held in Dunhuang as scheduled. Nearly 3000 elites from 62 top business schools around the world who stood out after months of selection have competed for four days and three nights on the ancient road of Xuanzang's westward journey for the sake of the Dharma , crossing the 108-kilometer road of following heart and self-transcendence. 

WeChat Work holding hands with  Ge XIV , as a designated information communication tool for the event, giving full play to its "connection" ability based on the WeChat Ecosystem, helps 3000 Gobi heroes to accomplish the journey from  three aspects — event organization, event experience, and event precipitation.

WeChat Work and the Organizing Committee together set up the event’s exclusive WeChat Work communication organization “Ge XIV” to achieve the efficient transmission of competition information, as well as point-to-point communication between members and working groups, institutions and the Organizing Committee, colleges and colleges.

At the same time, WeChat Work and the organizer jointly launched the "Gobi Phantom", "Gobi Wind and Cloud" and "Gobi Race" three event-custom mini programs, covering the trip preheating, members check-in, and the race along the way, making the whole process more interesting, also attracting more business school people to know about the race through the dissemination of the mini programs.

"After walking through the vast Gobi, we feel like siblings.”Ge XIV has become an ideal platform for players to continue Ge friendship after the game, and also conducive to gathering, managing and training new and old contestants, and to helping the follow-up operation of the event for the organizer.