The first WeGeek Competition had an wonderful ending and the king of development was born!

Since the launch in early 2017, mini programs have rapidly become a new form of internet application, expression and service carrier. The gathering of developers is the foundation of the prosperity of the mini program ecology as well as the source of the mini program ecology. While developers are thriving, merchants and service organizations are also increasing their investment in WeChat. The WeChat team continues to explore the interaction with the industry. At the same time, it also learns the deep-rooted pain points and needs of the industries, thus bringing solutions for them.

Under this background, the first "WeGeek WeChat Mini Program Professional Development Competition" was launched in March 2018. The competition lasted for more than two months. It was divided into several stages. Starting from the initial recruitment of cooperative organizations to mini program training courses and concentrated answering of doubts about the technical problems in the training, first-hand experiences of mini program development were provided for developers who attached importance to WeChat ecology. That triggered a wave of "learning to develop mini programs". Tens of thousands of mini program developers were attracted to participate in the competition, with hundreds of works submitted. Moreover, well-known enterprises and brands including vivo, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Folli Follie, Anchor, Australia Post and Bluemoon all cooperated with the competition and strove to expand their business scenes and innovate their service modes through mini programs.

The WeGeek Competition actually connects the core participants in the mini program ecological chain, providing the whole process of mini program from teaching, practice and communication to service realization and directly connecting with merchants. In this way, mini program products are implemented perfectly. At the same time, with the implementation of mini program products as the ultimate guide, it gets through the industrial chain, bestows value on each link, and reshapes the collaboration mode and cooperation form. These participants will explore the wider and farther borders of mini programs, thus accessing to new businesses, new services and new life.