WeChat and China’s Ministry of Education jointly released an industry-academy cooperation projects to support the development of mini applications in colleges and universities

With the development of WeChat mini program, more and more students are participating in the development of mini program. Recently, the first educational reform project jointly released by WeChat and the Ministry of Education has been officially released. It is intended to provide technology, platform, resources, funds and industrial experiences in WeChat Official Platform and WeChat application development technology, explore the new curriculum design with in-depth integration of industry and universities together with university experts and teachers, and support talents cultivation and comprehensive specialty reform in colleges and universities

WeChat and the Ministry of Education jointly announced that Tencent WeChat will support 40 teaching content and curriculum construction projects. With WeChat Official Platform and WeChat application development technology as carriers, two types of projects including WeChat technology foundation curriculum development and construction of practical curriculum of WeChat application development can be declared. Tencent WeChat will provide a fund of more than 2 million yuan for the curriculum reform projects in the first phase. At the same time, it will also provide official technical support and counseling as well as supporting resources such as TencentCloud.

WeChat technology foundation curriculum development is mainly aimed at the development of Web application technology, and combines with specialty teaching of various faculties and supporting, development or transformation technologies provided by Tencent WeChat; construction of practical curriculum of WeChat application development focuses on improving students' engineering practice ability, and builds or transforms a series of WeChat application development based on real application cases and internet product research and development modes.