WeChat Developer Challenge was officially launched in Singapore

August 2, 2019 Singapore – The WeChat Developer Challenge was officially launched at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Suntec City.

With the support of Singapore Government, WeChat has teamed up with 6 business giants, Grab, Singapore Airlines, Resorts World Genting, Resorts World Sentosa, L'Oréal Group and the Singapore Exhibition Organizers and Supplier Associations covering retailing, transportation, hotel and more. The participating service providers were tasked to develop customized Mini Programs which would provide innovative solutions and more convenient services for Chinese travelers in Southeast Asia. 

This is the first time WeChat held overseas developer challenge exclusively for service providers.

Since the enrollment from June, nearly 300 China domestic and overseas service providers have been attracted to join the challenge, 30 selected teams made presentations in the final event.

At the same time, WeChat team has unveiled the latest data on overseas Mini Programs for the first time.

With the growth in China's outbound travel market and the increasing adoption of WeChat Pay abroad in 49 countries and regions yet, overseas vendors are increasingly demanding Mini Programs and users are used to Mini Programs gradually.

As of end July 2019, the number of Mini Programs serving overseas scenarios increased by 500%, the number of weekly visits to Mini Programs increased by 70%; and the number of overseas visits to Mini Programs increased by 200%. Meanwhile, visitor numbers to Mini Programs originating from Southeast Asia accounted for 22% of overseas visits.

The first place of the competition, MadAboutDesign from Singapore, introduced a Mini Program「SmartWDC」promote business cooperation, and agenda management to promote the experience of exhibitors in Singapore.

The first 6 teams were invited into a workshop held by WeChat team to discuss the overseas development of Mini Porgrams.

WeChat Developer Challenge is far from only a competition, it is used as an opportunity to further strengthen support for overseas service providers, lower development thresholds, optimize training systems, and promote multi-directional collaboration between overseas service providers, the WeChat platform, and international brands, in an effort to create a more mature and viable global ecosystem.