Explore New Creations of Museum Cultural Relics

In 2019, the Next Idea WeChat Mini Program Development Competition hosted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was officially launched, jointly sponsored by WeGeek, Tencent Next Idea and nine Chinese major museums.

This project is committed to tap the potential of young developers, aimed at encouraging more young makers to activate Chinese traditional culture with creativity, to build groundbreaking and intensively interactive WeChat Mini Programs, so as to allow more people to understand museums and national cultural relics in a different way. At the same time, we should cultivate the innovative spirit and practical ability of young developers, improve the scientific and technological quality of developers and their teams, encourage the emergence of outstanding talents, and promote the popularization and development of science and technology.

For this reason, WeGeek took the lead in releasing the first work of Mini Programs for innovative museums, "Capital 1981". The source materials in the work come from the Capital Museum. The design of the whole work is intended to connect the ancient and modern world. Using the underlying recognition technology of AI, it permits users to participate in the process of mining cultural relics and light up the image of cultural relics for their own museums.

This project is reported by multiple media, including Xinhua News Agency, Guangming, China Youth Daily, China Daily, China news agency, etc., and is exposed through multi-channel, like being post on weibo, a popular social media platform in China, by  Rocket Girls 101 (a Chinese idol girl group) members.

The project has received attention from State Administration of Cultural Heritage. At the 2019 Smart China Expo, highlight was put on the mini program built by WeGeek Team for the Capital Museum.