Multiple-party Partnership between WeChat, KFC, and BANDAI NAMCO

WeChat has built the multiple-party partnership between WeChat, US-based KFC, and Japanese game developer giant BANDAI NAMCO to recreate the three smash hit games originally created by BANDAI NAMCO.

The KFC Mini Game has landed in WeChat to combine the ability of KFC's home delivery Mini Program with the Mini Game, players can redeem their game scores and exchange for the KFC coupons by one click inside the game. So winning in the virtual game can also bring trophies and benefit in reality. From the IP marketing to commercial transformation, industry brands are guided to comprehensively utilize WeChat ability to achieve effect-link.

It is a collaborative tribute to the nostalgia, the classic games including PAC-MAN, Battle City, and Galaga will refresh the market via WeChat Mini Games. The KFC Mini Game keeps the original design absolutely unchanged. In operation, it imitates the button design of the childhood handle. In are, classic pixel-level materials are used to guarantee the accuracy of each map and object. Childhood memories are brought back via the use of original sound.

Via the wide and accurate delivery channels of KFC, the KFC’s special “WOW” set meal will bring the ability and creativity of WeChat ecosystem into masses. Users have the chance to re-experience the joy the red-and-white gaming, and "fight for the food" at the same time.

No matter it is for culture inheritance or brands interactions, various creative ideas have blossomed on Mini Game platform to keep culture vivid, to make brands closer to their customers, to step up the fun of IP, and to make the creation valuable. The KFC Mini Game embodies the importance of WeChat Mini Games as a crucial part in industry brand business model, WeChat Mini Games can be served as a marketing tool in both brand communication and CRM.