WeChat 4 big platforms

Intelligent platform, public platform, hardware platform and open platform

WeChat Pay, far beyond this

Each payment implies the little, trivial, tiny, but glittering moments of life.

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat mini program is a subtraction, which lets the tool return to its service nature; it is also a kind of evolution; each kind of demand can be satisfied immediately; it makes us think of time and space with a new dimension, which will be redefined.

Middle-aged and old user group image set in WeChat

The transformation of social and communication modes of middle-aged and old users is recorded in real time by means of video recording, and the life status of the old-aged users is presented by restoring the habits and problems of the middle-aged and old users during the use of WeChat.

WeChat The Voice Donor

“Reading to the Blinds” in WeChat-The Voice Donor hears from all people, and sees the world to make warm voice pass through WeChat, letting the blinds hear the world.

Enterprise WeChat

Defines new ways of work for your business.